Choosing the right roofing contractor is one of the most important steps to have a good quality of work. Whether it’s a roofing or construction project, you must seek out contractors with the proper licensing, insurance and great business reputation in your area. But how do you know if you’ve found the right contractor? What should you look for in a potential candidate? What questions should you ask before hiring them for the job?

At SPARKS Construction & Roofing LLC we want to help you find the right contractor for your home improvement project. Below, see some important steps to take into consideration as you begin your process of finding the company to help you get the job done right.


Confirm Their Insurance Coverage

Verifying the insurance coverage of a prospective contractor is important for different reasons. Many contractors provide a policy when in fact it has been canceled. The best way to confirm their policy is to call the insurance company listed on the policy and request that a certificate of insurance is endorsed by you.

Before hiring anyone to work on your home, it is important to confirm that their insurance coverage is adequate enough to protect you from any liability.


Proper Documentation

No contractor should lack the right documents for the job. Aside from permits and documented agreements, you should also check that the contractor has a license, insurance, and warranty. The license is proof that your potential hire has been properly trained to handle any construction and roofing job. The insurance is a protection against any accidents or incidents that occur on-site. Lastly, the warranty is protection against unexpected hazards and problems, including the weather.


Proven Knowledge & Experience

There are several types of services in the construction and roofing industry. Just because a contractor accepts a project does not mean that they are an expert at the specific service. Before committing to a contractor, you should request to view their portfolio of other similar projects and corresponding references. A qualified contractor will be able to provide you with enough examples of previous work without hesitation.


Cut Out The Middle Man

Before signing any type of commitment with a contractor, it is important to verify if they will be subcontracting the work. This relates back to knowledge and experience. Many unqualified contractors will subcontract the work to a third party because of their inability to properly complete the project. This results in a greater cost to the customer, who is typically unaware of the deal in the first place.


Choose Your Team

Choosing the right contractor for a job is the difference between a positive and negative experience. When undergoing a project as difficult as commercial roof repairs it is important to take the time to check your options. These tools will help position you to make the most well-informed decision on hiring a quality roofing contractor and achieve successful results the first time around.

You’ll be in good hands with SPARKS Construction & Roofing LLC. We provide unbeatable customer service, have the proper certifications and boast a solid reputation. To learn more about our services, call (918) 358-6144. You can also request a free estimate.