To properly repair leaks in your roof, the most important step is to determine the exact cause of the problem. Missing or damaged shingles, a blistered or cracked area, improper flat roofing installation, and sub-standard roofing materials could be some likely causes of a leak in your roofing system. No matter how small it may seem, you should get the problem fixed as soon as possible. Negligence will worsen the situation, adding to your overall roofing repair and/or interior water damage repair expenses. Correct diagnosis of a roof leak depends on the expertise of your roofing contractor. Sparks Construction and Roofing, LLC has more than 33 years of combined experience in the roofing industry working in commercial and residential buildings across the Oklahoma Area. We have the knowledge and right tools to quickly identify and fix the cause of your roof leak.


Shingle roof replacement is a significant investment. Choosing the right shingles is the first step to a beautiful and strong roof. Price is also linked to the type of roofing material, its features, and warranty. Additionally, material and workmanship quality are known to affect the performance as well as the durability of your roofing system. It is important, therefore, to select an experienced and reliable roofing company in Oklahoma.

Here are some important notes to help you select shingle roofs.

  • Organic shingles have been replaced by inorganic fiberglass shingles in the past years
  • Inorganic shingles are saturated in asphalt with a ceramic granular coating.
  • Price points vary depending on whether you want architectural, builder-grade or premium shingles.
  • The most common types of materials used for sloped roof shingle applications include asphalt, cedar shingles and shakes, slate tile, ceramic or concrete tile and metal.

Sparks Roofing and Construction, LLC, has used quality shingles for many years because of their superior warranty and proven long-lasting quality. There are generally two types of shingles: three-tab strip shingles and laminate shingles. The three-tab strip shingles are the most economical. The laminate shingles come in two categories: architectural and premium.


Today’s metal roofing also comes in steel shingles in a variety of attractive contemporary colors. It is a well-known fact that metal roofing is by far the longest lasting roofing material out of all the roofing materials available. All you have to do is travel the countryside to see century-old homes and agricultural buildings with steel roofs – they are still standing solid and proud. Some older steel roofs may be showing a little rust and discoloration on the surface but, they have endured countless years of battering from the elements and are still weatherproof. Today’s steel roofing materials offer unmatched durability, lasting as much as 4 to 5 times longer than asphalt shingles. As well, residential steel roofing materials are now available in a wide variety of designs and colors to complement any style of home.
Steel roofing materials can also be used as cladding on inside and outside walls of prestigious commercial, institutional/industrial buildings, professional sports venues as well as other private/public facilities as they are so reliable and aesthetically pleasing.


Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is a single-ply reflective roofing membrane made of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber polymerized together. It is typically installed in a fully adhered or mechanically attached system, allowing the white membrane to remain exposed throughout the life of the roof. TPO roofing membranes are highly attractive in regions with more cooling degree days – when cooling equipment is used – than heating degree days. TPO membranes reflect UV radiation keeping the surface of the roof and the building cool during summer months. Contact us to learn more about TPO Roofing services.


A tile roof installed on your residential property will provide you with unmatchable style and protection. Natural stone, clay, concrete and metal tiles are built to last – some options come with 50-year guaranteed performance warranties. Long-wearing and durable, these roofing materials add a sense of permanence to any home, as well as a touch of distinction that will enhance the curb appeal of the property. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of a tile roof, contact our team now for a free consultation.
We try to dissuade homeowners from performing their own repairs, especially on a tile roof. Unlike asphalt shingles, the surfaces of natural stone and clay tiles can become very slippery, and as such, very dangerous if you don’t have the proper equipment or training. Additionally, walking on a tile system must be done with great care, because any missteps can lead to further damages that will need to be repaired.

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